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's Heeren Loo

Fokko Kortlanglaan 25
3853 KD Ermelo

Drs Lydia Helwig Nazarowa
Member of the Board of Directors and
Managing Director 's Heeren Loo Midden-Nederland

Monique Ebbers could not have found a better name for her company YOUR IMPACT. For a long time, Monique accompanied me as an executive secretary. It was a perfect period for me. My impact was her impact. It did not take her long to find out the most important things: my drive, my essentials as well as my personal preferences. Very much focused on me, she knew how to meet my demands. My goals were hers. More than once she already had organised what I was planning to do. With intelligence, rapidity, efficiency and thoroughness.
She knows how to find the right people for a specific goal. She is acting at a suitable distance. When Monique left the organisation so as to start her own company, many stakeholders were sorry about this decision. Monique knows how to touch the right chord in business contacts. Her professional strength in relations enables her to reach her goals, i.e. her client’s goals.