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Welcome at YOUR IMPACT. A compact organisation lead by Monique Ebbers. YOUR IMPACT is 24/7 to be contracted as Personal Assistant (PA). The very best solution for busy managers and CEO’s in the (inter)national business world.

By contracting a PA you will generate time saving on the basis of two matters:
confidence as well as the experience of years Monique Ebbers can offer you in secretarial and organisational fields.

The comfort of service

The measurable result of granting your order to YOUR IMPACT can be expressed by one word: comfort. YOUR IMPACT operates flexibly, efficiently and effectively. With it’s focus on a streamlined organisation, you are the one who profits by saving time. You can concentrate for the full 100% on your core business. All supplementary organisational and secretarial activities are taken over by YOUR IMPACT behind the scenes. Punctually, precisely and promptly.